One family in our group

Zamzam Brothers company founded  in 1990 and recorded in the records of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce under number 7777 as a company offering import and export services and industry specialized sector food import, manufacturing and trading company characterized by its reputation and high experience which have earned them through dozens of years during which he exercised the trade, industry and the national economy and building the nation’s resources through the family legacy and management divisions, which includes qualified cadres of high experience commercial, industrial expertise.

Since the company beginning of 2010 are move to the industrial sector in parallel with the trade sector where the factory was established for oils and margarine factory to fill the rice, sugar, pulses of various kinds. It was the late Alhaji Mohammed Zamzam significant impact on the creation and development of this commercial edifice over the years of his life until 2008, where he died to receive the flag from beyond his brothers and his sons to complete the process of giving and development and construction to become Zamzam Brothers Company in national companies Introduction and leading companies regionally and globally to extend its relationship with business to most States in the year specializing in the field of food carrier seeing fathers and sons torque.