Because of the adoption of the population on the various types of food growing and request them due to the increasing number and needs, is a food trade of the most successful and popular types of Commerce, one of the trades that all nations strive to develop and contribute to flourish so that food retailers to achieve excellence and progress to the economy of their state as well as the sufficiency the local population and raising the level of income resulting from the proceeds of food trade and export.

The packaging of foodstuffs of the most important projects that rely on food industries and export trade project, Valtabih stand-alone operation and is part of a whole, and its mechanisms and founded and determined types depending on the quality of food that are packaged, and is filled with food project after the completion of several projects, including the preparation food for easy marketed and sold in the shops later.

The packaging is also associated with a project to mobilize food and be part of it or another phase followed him, because most of the nutrients you need for packaging after preparation and packaging to ensure fresh, healthy and high quality for customers and arrival, and this Mimutir him food traders everywhere.

Our Commercial Foods segment makes and sells a variety of specialty food and ingredients to major national and international restaurant chains, foodservice distributors and other food makers.

Zamzam Company works with more than 200 product from the food, and it imoprt them from most of the world countries with high quality to server the customers with a good service.