About Us

"Zamzam Brothers Company for Industry and Trade, established in the year 1965, holds a prestigious position in the annals of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, as it is officially registered as Company under Registration Number 7777. Our 
distinguished company is one marked by unwavering dedication to import and export services, with a profound 
specialization in the food industry. Over the decades, we have painstakingly cultivated a remarkable reputation, a 
testament to our unparalleled experience in the realms of trade, industry, and the national economy Rooted in the ethos of family legacy, we have meticulously crafted a management structure boasting a cadre of exceptionally skilled professionals with extensive expertise in commerce and industry. In the year 2010, we embarked on a transformative path, expanding our footprint into the industrial sector, while maintaining our strong presence in the world of trade. This pivotal moment saw the birth of our state-of-the-art vegetable oil, ghee, and shortening factory, further enriching our product portfolio to encompass rice, sugar, and various pulses.
A noteworthy figure in our illustrious history is the late Alhaji Mohammed Moustafa Zamzam, whose indomitable spirit left an indelible mark on our journey. His vision and leadership, until his passing in 2008, propelled us to new heights. His legacy continues to guide us as we pass the baton from one generation to the next, fostering a legacy of giving, development, and construction.
Today, Zamzam Brothers Company for Industry and Trade, founded in 1965, stands as a beacon among national enterprises and commands a prominent position on the global stage. Our reach extends to numerous states, as we continue to specialize in the field of food production, serving as a testament to the enduring legacy forged by fathers and carried forward by sons.

Our vision

The happiness of the individual and society can not be achieved only through the achievements that exceed expectations and by providing high quality products and services of a real competitive and realized with leadership and excellence wherever we are and where lies the others. And Partnering to feed a growing word sustainably

Our mission

We partner with the world’s select consumer brands to create safe.high quality food solutions that delight our customers and enrich people’s lives